Sidewalk Repairs Specialist

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Why should I repair my sidewalk?

  • Property Owners are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the sidewalks adjacent to your property.
  • Avoid the costs, dangers, and hassles of a trip hazard personal injury lawsuit
  • Eliminate trip hazards
  • Your neighbors children on bicycles or skateboards, new mothers with baby carriages, disabled people with wheelchairs, and everyone else have on common need … A smooth, safe sidewalk

“We grind out trip hazards or replace sidewalk sections”



  • Remove damaged, sunken or misaligned raised sections
  • Remove tree roots as needed for longer sidewalk stability
  • Replace concrete sections to conform to current city or country standards



  • Saves Money (75% less than replacement)
  • Comply with ADA standards (American disabilities act)
  • Save time (most projects completed same day)
  • Grinding is GREEN… no concrete to manufacture or haul to landfill
  • Solves small problems inexpensive before they become large costly projects